Jenna Graphic Designer


Original Art, Illustrations and Paintings. Architectural Illustrations and Map Illustrations. Textile Illustrations and Graphic Designs. Technical Illustrations and CAD Drawings. Vector Illustrations.

Art & Illustration

Fine Art, Traditional Illustration, Sketches and Painting. Pen & Ink, Graphite, Marker and Color Pencil Drawings. Acrylic and Water Color Paintings


Architectural Illustration based on AutoCAD™ Drawings. Detailed Floor Plan Illustration & Floor Plan RenderingArchitectural Facade Illustration.

Map Illustration

Detailed Community Map Illustration with Infographics based on satellite images and original architectural drawings. Beautiful Full Color Map Illustrations.

Textile Illustration

Textile Illustration for Allover Prints on various knit, woven garments and accessories. Vector IllustrationTraditional Hand-SketchingDrawing and Painting.

Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration, Product Illustration, CAD Drawings, Tech Packs with detailed specifications, Color Separation, setup of Factory Ready Artwork.

Vector Illustration

Original Vector Illustration, Traditional Hand-Sketching, Drawing and Painting in conjunction with Photoshop™ and Illustrator™ for various apparel, print & online projects.

*ALL Illustrations displayed on this page have been created by Jenna Dawn for various companies and clients. Illustrations created in Photopshop™ and Illustrator™ The Illustrations displayed on this page are solely for Private Portfolio Use. All technical details have been obscured. Company/ Client credit is listed below each image. Portfolio © Jenna Graphic Designer 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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Have a Design Request?

Contact me today for a FREE Quote.